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'Londonderry' welcome sign kicks off song and dance from Sinn Fein

By Donna Deeney

A welcome sign in Limavady advertising the town as the home of the Londonderry Air has caused a song and dance in the council.

Sinn Fein objected to the inclusion of the words "Londonderry Air" on the signage for the, arguing that it was the song Danny Boy - which was set to the folk tune - which would attract more tourists.

But Ulster Unionist councillor Richard Holmes accused Sinn Fein of attempting to eradicate the word Londonderry from history.

The name of the city has been a source of constant controversy over the years, with nationalists preferring to call it Derry.

Mr Holmes said: "The new welcome signage for Limavady had been passed by a Council sub-committee and committee and then appeared before the full council where it suddenly became a contentious issue because of the use of the title 'Londonderry Air.'

"Limavady is the home of the Londonderry Air and that is something we should all be celebrating and cherishing, but sadly Sinn Fein would rather engage in yet another attempt to airbrush the name of Londonderry from history."

Sinn Fein councillor Brenda Chivers said this was not the case. She said: "It had been agreed all along that 'Danny Boy' would be on the signage because Danny Boy is known the world over and that is what is going to bring the tourists to the town.

"No one outside of here knows what the Londonderry Air is, and we are certainly not trying to eradicate anything from history.

"We are trying to promote Limavady as the town of Danny Boy, plain and simple, and Danny Boy on the sign is quiet sufficient."

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