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Londonderry woman hit mum with table leg

A young woman who admitted attacking her mother with a table leg has been jailed.

Kelly Ann O'Kane (22), of Rosemount Gardens in Londonderry, attacked her mother Ann O'Kane (56) in her home on December 15.

She also admitted assaulting her mother's partner, Lawrence Hegarty, with an offensive weapon, a table leg, and causing criminal damage to a table.

Deputy District Judge Brian Archer, who described the |offences as “very disturbing”, was told yesterday by a prosecution solicitor that they took place following a row about the defendant's father, who died 15 years ago.

Defence solicitor Mark Quigley said O'Kane, who has “mental issues”, was waiting to be psychiatrically assessed.

He said: “She has been in custody for the last four weeks.

“Her child is being cared for by her maternal grandmother.”

O'Kane was jailed for two months but walked free due to time already served.

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