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Long forgotten wallet from submarine found in River Foyle

News that a World War two vessel lies sunk in the Foyle River has prompted a man's memory from childhood over a forgotten gift his grandfather once gave him.

Paul Simpson from Scunthorpe, whose family hail from Londonderry read last week of news that a mystery vessel was found lying on the bottom of the Foyle as debate continues over whether it was a German U-Boat or a British submarine, like an X Craft.

He said his grandfather, who served in the Home Guard in Derry during the Second World War gave him a wallet as a child and said it was from the submarine in the Foyle.

"My granda Samuel Simpson gave me a wallet many years ago and told me it had come from a submarine that was on the bottom of the Foyle. I still have the wallet and you can tell that it has been in water at some point," he told the Derry Journal.

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