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Look at legislation to ban killer highs, Attorney General urged by Stormont Executive

By Noel McAdam

The Attorney General John Larkin has been asked by the Stormont Executive to look at legislation to ban so-called 'legal high' drugs.

Sinn Fein's Maeve McLaughlin said the deaths of 20 people as a result of taking unclassified drugs had been discussed at the Executive meeting.

Ms McLaughlin, chair of the Assembly Health Committee, said: "The deaths of 20 people as a result of these so-called 'legal high' drugs is a major public health issue.

"I asked for this to be raised at the Executive today to explore what options are available to the Justice Minister to ban this toxic drug and remove it from our streets.

"I understand both the Health Minister and the Justice Minister were lobbied on this issue and the Attorney General has been asked to look at the legislation to see what can be done to ban these substances.

"We have a duty to explore every avenue to keep people safe from the scourge of the misuse of drugs, both legal and illegal," Ms McLaughlin added.

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