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Lorry sheds 30 tonnes of rotting fish on Fermanagh roadside

A huge pile of fish lay rotting on a roadside in Co Fermanagh for two days after a lorry overturned and shed 30 tonnes of its smelly load.

The driver of an articulated lorry received treatment in hospital after the incident on the Pettigo Road, causing uproar among local people.

"There was a terrible, terrible smell of fish. It made me feel sick; you couldn't open the windows, you couldn't go outide you couldn't hang your washing out. It was made worse by the heat," local resident Mary McDonagh told the Impartial Reporter.

DUP Councillor Bert Johnston reported the matter to the Fermanagh District Council's Environmental Health Department. "When I drew up in my car I didn't have to put my window down to know that it was a fish spill on the road verge."

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