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Louis van Gaal feeling heat, but not all Manchester United fans want him sacked

By Cate McCurry

Defiant Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal should be given one more chance, one of the club's leading fans in Northern Ireland has said.

John Bond, secretary of the Belfast Reds Supporters Club, was speaking after Van Gaal clung on to his post after a 0-0 draw against Chelsea last night.

While there have been calls for Van Gaal to step down, Mr Bond said he blamed both the players and Van Gaal for recent poor performances.

The 71-year-old told the Belfast Telegraph: "If the players don't perform then the managers get it. But it's up to the manager to make the players perform. There's something drastically wrong that the two of them are clashing.

"If you look at Chelsea, they won the league last year by a mile and they can't go bad in less than a year.

"If they had played the way they played last night they wouldn't be in the position they are in.

"What they (United) did last night has maybe saved him. But it's not up to him if he stays - it's up to the board.

"I don't blame Van Gaal or the players, I blame both of them."

Despite a number suggestions that he could walk out if the team didn't win in yesterday's game, the Dutch boss ruled out resignation.

Van Gaal said: "For me, it is not an interesting subject because I cannot have any influence on that, I can only work with my players and you can see they are fighting for me.

"Even after this result the fans were applauding so I cannot say I'm very much concerned.

"In this football world you never know, but I'm fully confident in the board and my players.

"Will I resign? On the contrary. When the players can give such a performance with a lot of pressure, there is not any reason to resign for me.

"Maybe the media wants me to but I shall not resign. It's not a question of staying, it's a question of fulfilling my contract."

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