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Loyalist and republican paramilitaries force 20 officers a year to move home: PSNI

Loyalist and dissident republican paramilitaries are forcing up to 20 police officers a year to move home, a senior PSNI officer has said.

The BBC Stephen Nolan show reported on a 40% increase in mental health-related absence over four years.

Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris, during a wide-ranging interview on the Radio Ulster show, said officers and their families were having to leave their homes because of threats made against them.

He said threats came from both dissident republicans and loyalist paramilitaries and having to leave home was a huge upheaval for any officer.

"There is a steady drum beat of that," he said, "and we could expect one or two officers to be in the position of having to move every month.

"Over past year and looking across five years we could expected in and around 20 officers per annum to have to move home." 

Mr Harris would not be drawn on which loyalist groups were behind the threats.

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