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Loyalist flag protesting 'no surrender' woman recreated in a Halloween costume

'No surrender woman' was an overnight internet sensation, writes Claire Williamson.

With just one shriek she gained fame across Northern Ireland and now she has reached new fame as she has become the inspiration for a hilarious Halloween costume.

It all began last Christmas when the council decided to remove the Union flag from Belfast City Hall, angering many loyalists.

The vote to fly the flag only on 15 designated days during the year instead of 365 days a year sparked a wave of protests.

On one night, loyalist protesters lined the grounds of City Hall before trying to force their way in to the monthly meeting being held inside the building, and one woman's political passion unintentionally provided a little light relief during what was otherwise a very serious time.

As crowds tried to storm the City Hall, her shriek of "no surrender" through a broken glass window of the building was captured on film and has been recreated in many forms by comics across the country.

It was an overnight YouTube hit and the clip currently has more than 100,000 views.

Computer savvy comics then cut the videos and replaced iconic movie scenes with that of the 'no surrender woman'.

Among the most memorable ones was the recreation of the shower scene in Psycho and the moment in The Shining when Jack Nicholson appears through the crack in the door, instead the 'no surrender woman' appears with her now famed shriek and has had more than 300,000 views.

It was a topic on many people's lips and the famed clips spread to Facebook and Twitter, with screen-grabs of the video being given captions, turning them in to popular memes.

But now, almost a year on, it is clear she hasn't been forgotten, as a young woman chose to emulate the 'no surrender woman' this year for her Halloween costume.

The costume wearer cleverly fashioned the door of Belfast City Hall out of cardboard and with attention to detail, stuck on a 'no-smoking' sign and the council's crest, complete with a hand-written 'push'.

There are three cut-out panels for the windows covered with cling-film, with the quintessential empty gap for the wearer to place her head.

In one hand she is wielding a bottle of the alcoholic tonic drink Buckfast and in the other she holds a sign with a speech bubble with the woman's 'no surrender' catchphrase.

The costume is then finished off with the Union flag popping up behind one of the windows.

Images of the comic costume have been shared across social media sites and it has gathered much attention and praise.

One person who shared it on Twitter said: "Possibly the best Halloween costume that I've seen this year.

"Just when I forgot 'no surrender' woman!".

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