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Loyalist posters in Bangor pledge to 'deal with criminals'


A poster claiming to be from an alliance of loyalist paramilitary organisations has threatened that perpetrators of crime will be "severely dealt with".

The flyer distributed to homes and plastered on bus stops in Kilcooley in Bangor claims to be from the UDA, UVF and Red Hand Commando.

The warning is for those involved in a "recent spate of burglaries and robberies" and those committing crimes "against this community".

The paramilitaries have claimed they have been "approached by residents to seeking our support to end this blight".

"We therefore wish to make it known that the perpetrators when they are caught, shall be severely dealt with," the statement said.

North Down Mayor Andrew Muir said "these paramilitaries have no role to play in policing our societies".

A police spokesman said they were "aware of these posters in the Kilcooley area of Bangor".

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