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Loyalist raps police over 'pointless questioning'

By Angela Rainey

A senior figure in the loyalist Protestant Coalition is calling on the PSNI to "stop wasting public money" after he was questioned for allegedly taking too long to sing God Save The Queen.

Robert McKee, chairman of the organisation, said he went to Tennent Street PSNI station in west Belfast on Wednesday after being informed that officers wanted to question him for two alleged breaches of Parades Commission determinations.

He claims that police accused him of taking too long to sing God Save The Queen at the end of a protest and that he and other loyalists did not leave the area quickly enough after a republican parade had ended.

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin said: "In respect of the loyalist protest held on April 24, a number of people have been spoken to by police in connection with suspected breaches of a Parades Commission determination.

"A number of other people will be spoken to in the near future. These suspected breaches include use of offensive language and not dispersing immediately."

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