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Loyalists John Bunting and John 'Hoover' Howcroft remanded on murder bid charges

By Ciaran Barnes

Prominent loyalists John Bunting and John 'Hoover' Howcroft have been charged with attempting to murder ex-UDA chiefs Andre Shoukri and John 'Bonzer' Boreland.

North Belfast UDA 'brigadier' John Bunting (47) of Stonebridge Avenue, Conlig; John Howcroft (46) of Formby Park, Belfast, and Darren McAllister (31), Alliance Road, Belfast, are accused of being part of a gang that fired on the men in the Ballysillan area of the city on Wednesday night.

Boreland was hit in the thigh, while Shoukri escaped injury in the gun attack.

Bunting, Howcroft and McAllister are accused of two counts of attempted murder and possession of a firearm, or imitation firearm, with intent to murder.

All three were remanded in custody and will appear in court again by video-link on September 18.

A defence solicitor confirmed that none of the men would be applying for bail.

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