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#LubeGate: BBC man William Crawley's gay blood twitter slip sparks unfortunate trend


Mr Crawley let slip on Twitter.

Mr Crawley let slip on Twitter.

Mr Crawley let slip on Twitter.

We've all done it, we've all been there and in truth no one should revel in it, but cross an unfortunate typo with the annoyance that is autocorrect and you can easily find yourself very red-faced.

And for BBC radio presenter William Crawley that's just what happened in a slip on Twitter.

When news broke on Thursday that Sinn Fein Health Minister Michelle O'Neill was to lift the ban on gay men donating blood the erudite presenter wanted to highlight how the announcement would bring Northern Ireland "into line" with the rest of Great Britain.

He tweeted: "The lifting of the lifetime blood ban on gay/bisexual men in NI brings NI into lube with GB: a one year referral system."

And despite deleting the tweet - so soon after publishing - Mr Crawley faced the brunt of the Twitterati's inevitable backlash.

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