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Lucas (4) in emotional reunion with hero policewoman who saved choking youngster's life

By Claire Williamson

A policewoman was reduced to tears as a little boy thanked her for saving his life.

It was an emotional moment as Lucas got to meet his lifesaver, who jumped into action when a trip to Ards Shopping Centre earlier this month took a dramatic turn.

Four-year-old Lucas turned pale as he struggled to breathe while choking on a soft mint.

Mum Lynsey Hagan panicked and screamed for help. Despite having undergone first aid training, she froze.

That was when Constable Magill, who was off-duty at the time, came to the rescue and saved the little boy.

Lynsey said at the time that she owed her son's life to the policewoman and would love to meet her again to thank her properly for what she had done.

That wish came true this week as Lynsey and Lucas made the trip to Ards PSNI station to rendezvous their hero.

The PSNI described the get-together as "very moving" as Lucas and his mum expressed their appreciation to Constable Magill for her first aid skills.

The modest officer said: "I only did what anyone else would have done."

Little Lucas brought the policewoman a present of flowers and chocolates, and reduced everyone to tears as he handed them over and said: "Thank you for saving my life."

Lynsey told the Belfast Telegraph: "It was lovely. At the start it was quite emotional but the other police officers made it very comfortable.

"I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but even still I just couldn't express properly how to thank her.

"She gave him a lovely little bag of goodies and explained to him how she was glad she could be there to help him, and he had handed her some flowers and chocolates and said 'thank you for saving my life'."

Lucas was a little shy when he first arrived at the police station but soon he was having a great time as he enjoyed a tour of a PSNI Land Rover.

Constable Magill gave him a notebook and pen and pencil, and he has been walking around making his parents confess to crimes ever since! Lynsey said the incident had made her and Lucas more wary of what he eats.

And she paid tribute to how calm the policewoman stayed during the ordeal - recalling how the fear of what was happening to her son caused her to freeze.

She said: "I took a first aid course so I really should have known what to do, but with it being my own child it just went out of my head."

Asked if she still replayed what happened in her head, Lynsey said it hit home the other day after a new phone she bought wiped her memory card of precious photos of Lucas. She said it occurred to her in that moment that, without the help of the police officer, all she could have been left with were photos of her child.

She added: "At the time I was totally devastated after losing them but without her that memory card could have been all that I was left with - but thanks to her I've got him."

The PSNI said: "We too are very proud of our colleague's actions. He liked it (his visit) and is seriously considering being a police officer as one of his three career options. Another potential lifesaver in the making?"

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