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Lucky Lucy the Labrador on mend from horror flea infestation and claws so long she could barely walk

By Cate McCurry

A 12-year-old rescue dog found riddled with arthritis and claws so long she struggled to walk has been making a good recovery with her new owners.

Lucy, a Labrador, was found hobbling along the Clandeboye Road in Bangor last week because of the ingrown nails which had curled around her paws.

Charmayne Gourley took the ill dog to Glenn Veterinary Clinic where she was received immediate treatment for the horrific flea infestation which had caused major skin problems.

Further tests revealed her liver damage is consistent with signs of cirrhosis and there are fears she could be suffering from diffuse tumours.

Ms Gourley, who runs Petminder NI, has been looking after Lucy and has appealed for donations towards the dog's veterinary costs which could run into thousands of pounds. "She was back at the vets on Monday because of her liver problems and she has to go for more blood tests," she said.

"Lucy is bald under her tail and we thought it was because of the massive flea infestation she had but now we think she has blocked anal glands.

"She's still very sore but she will live the rest of her life with us because she's 12 and has been through enough trauma in her life.

"There's a long road ahead of us with issues in regards to her liver and that will take a long time.

"She was in agony from the start but she still wagged her tail and licked my face so she's still showing loyalty to us. She's getting stronger and her character is coming through.

"Lucy has some lovely quirks and every day she gets happier."

The public can donate by ringing Glenn clinic on 028 9145 3999.

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