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'Lunatic' leaving food laced with anti-freeze on popular Northern Ireland dog trail

By Kate Buck

A Belfast teenager has warned dog owners of a "lunatic" who might be deliberately trying to poison animals along a popular walkway.

The Comber Greenway is a well-used route for both dog walkers and cyclists - but Gareth Wright (17) is advising animal lovers to be cautious after pet food was found laced with anti-freeze close to the PSNI headquarters at Knock.

If a dog or a cat was to ingest this substance it could prove fatal. Once consumed, they may begin to show signs of dehydration, vomiting and appear to walk drunkenly.

Pet owners are advised to take animals suspected of having consumed anti-freeze to a vet immediately.

If left untreated, it can result in seizures, kidney failure and eventually death.

Although no pet deaths have been reported as a result of the food being left, one dog has already been taken ill and had to receive veterinary treatment two weeks ago.

Its food was later found to be laced with anti-freeze.

A second suspicious pile of pet feed has now been discovered at the side of the walkway.

Although this latest batch has not been proven to be poisoned yet, it was left in "identical" circumstances to the previous find.

Gareth said: "Sadly, one dog has already been very badly sick due to consuming this.

"Very sad that some lunatic is doing this. Please keep dogs on leads."

Gareth promised he would keep the Comber Greenway Campaign Facebook page updated with any more information that comes his way.

He added: "This can be fatal if consumed by your pet.

"Although it hasn't been confirmed, I just had to warn the public. I wasn't taking any risks this time.

"If anybody does find any of this dog food I would recommend for them to call the PSNI then contact me through the Facebook group so I can post it on the page to warn people."

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