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Lurgan Residents want terror attacks to stop

By Nevin Farrell

Residents in Lurgan say the vast majority of people in the town want an end to dissident republican attacks on police and want their children to be able to grow up in peace.

That was the reaction last night following a weekend bomb attack aimed at the security forces in Victoria Street.

The attack happened at a stretch of waste ground where young people often gather on the edge of the mainly republican Kilwilkee estate, where large letters spell out 'IRA' and many parts of the streets are painted green, white and orange.

But further down Victoria Street and past a graveyard there are no markings on the footpaths beside terraced houses. And at the opposite end of the road many migrant workers have made it their home.

Resident Christopher McArdle (36) said: "It is bad - with kids running about here, they could have been walking past that device, including my own children."

Another Victoria Street resident said he had to leave his home during the alert and stayed with his mother. "Where this happened a lot of young ones hang about in the wasteland because there are two derelict houses there," he said.

"The vast majority do not agree with it. I thought these days were behind us." A man out for a walk with his grandson said that "95% of people do not agree with this".

"We don't want to bring up children with trouble," he added.

Peter Miller (25) from Portadown was passing through the town and said such violent incidents would not put him off coming to Lurgan.

"Everybody in my age group anyway are happy enough to go about their lives," he said.

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