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Lurgan teenager's Tesco sign trickshot goes viral

By Claire McNeilly

Three Northern Ireland teenagers have become an internet sensation after a football stunt pulled in millions of views online.

Cousins Diarmuid and Eoghan O’Hagan were having a kickabout outside Tesco with their friend Eoin McCluskey who used his camera to video Eoghan kicking the ball towards the Lurgan store and shooting it through the ‘O’ in the sign.

The footage has now had almost 2.5m views after the Lurgan trio sent it to UNILAD, one of the most popular websites in the UK.

Diarmuid, who explained that he was "pretending to be a set of posts" at the time of the impressive trick shot, said it took two goes to get it right.

"I guess we were bored, so we thought it would be a sick shot to pull off and he did it," he said.

"It was his second attempt - the first time it bounced back off the ‘C’ and the second time it went through the ‘O’.

In the video, Eoghan’s perfect aim can be heard being welcomed by applause.

Some viewers have been guessing where the footage was taken, with many speculating that the Tesco goal happened in England or Wales.

Many online users have also been trying to claim the glory shot for themselves, but Eoghan has been quick to claim the credit for the fancy footwork himself.

"I volunteered to take the shot and thankfully it went through the ‘O’," said Eoghan.

"Me and Diarmuid sent the video to UNILAD and, after a day of waiting, they put it up.

"I was with Diarmuid when it was put up and our parents were there too."

Diarmuid added that "pretty much everyone" has seen the viral clip by now.

The three boys, who play football for Eire Og Craigavon GAA, are the latest people from Northern Ireland to hit fame online.

A video of Belfast granny Betty Stewart’s rollercoaster ride went viral earlier this month after her son tricked her into getting on the ‘Wild Mouse’ ride at Belfast Tall Ships Festival and she can be heard screaming throughout the YouTube clip.

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Similarly, a Sperrins teenager - now known as Frostbit boy - became an internet sensation after sharing his succinct musings on Northern Ireland’s biting winter weather.

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'Frostbit boy' goes viral after his hilarious take on TV weather report 

A TV interview with Ruairi McSorley about the cold, snowy conditions in Co Londonderry was viewed around 4m times in 24 hours after it was broadcast.

In the clip, he shares his thoughts about his ‘mather’(mother) making him go to school despite the snow and on the chill in the air he adds in his strong accent, which some have accused him of exaggerating for comic purposes: "Oh God you wouldn’t be long getting frostbit."

Meanwhile, two-year-old Belfast girl Skye Gracey became an internet star after telling her mum off for laughing at her efforts to sing a song from Disney’s Frozen.

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She gets cross when her mum can’t stop sniggering, warning her she is going actually going to choke if she doesn’t stop her hysterical outbursts.

When the mum – who by this stage is in absolute stitches – keeps on laughing at her daughter’s attempts, the little girl then warns her she’ll be put on the "naughty step" and that the man will take her away.

The girl’s reaction is so priceless, the clip went viral on YouTube and social media.

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