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M&S globe branded 'insulting' to Falkland veterans


Controversial: the M&S globe

Controversial: the M&S globe

Controversial: the M&S globe

A Northern Ireland shopper has hit out at Marks & Spencer after spotting globes on sale which had renamed the Falkland Islands with their Argentinian name.

The retailer has said it will carry out a review.

Andrew Magowan, a former police officer, was in the Lisburn store when he noticed that the globes listed the British overseas territory as the "Islas Malvinas", followed by "Falkland Islands" in brackets.

The trinket, which comes in two sizes and is sold both online and in store for £39.50 and £49.50, also uses the term "Puerto Argentino" as the name of the capital of the contested islands, with the more common Stanley, also followed in brackets, alongside the words "claimed by Arg and UK".

Mr Magowan said it was "a slap in the face to the brave service personnel".

The 10-week conflict over the South Atlantic islands which began on April 2, 1982, led to the deaths of 255 British troops and more than 600 Argentinians.

Diplomatic relations between the UK and Argentina are still strained over the island territory, with the name being a source of controversy. British veterans of the conflict have also come forward to criticise the UK retail giant for the terms used branding it "insulting".

Roger Edwards, who served with the SAS during the conflict, explained the move by M&S as being the result of "decades of Argentine misinformation".

Television presenter and author Simon Weston was a Falklands veteran who suffered significant facial burns during the conflict after the naval ship he was on was attacked.

The 58-year-old, who was awarded a CBE for services to charity in 2016, described the decision by M&S as "crass stupidity".

"If you're going to provide an educational tool then it has to be factually correct," he said.

"How can you educate when the globe is wrong and it is being sold in British stores, which means British youngsters get the wrong information?"

M&S have said that they will review the globe following the backlash.

A spokesperson for the store added: "This is simply a decorative item.

"However, we take all customer feedback on board and we will review the product."

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