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Magaluf girl: 'I was there, she returned to venue the very next day for more drunken antics'


Teens have been warned to be careful on holiday. Picture posed

Teens have been warned to be careful on holiday. Picture posed

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Teens have been warned to be careful on holiday. Picture posed

A witness at the Magaluf nightclub where a teenager from Northern Ireland performed public sex acts with 24 men has said the girl's friends watched and recorded the antics in the Spanish party capital.

Video of the tourist performing the public sex acts for a free cocktail has gone viral.

It has sparked an outpouring of concern for the girl's welfare, and outrage over the seedy aspect to the binge drinking culture among holidaymakers abroad.

The witness said that the girl was taking part in one of three drinking games on the night, called "Dirty City".

"I walked in just literally as it started. I was beside one of the people going around with the video footage."

The girl had consumed shots of peach schnapps and caramel vodka, according to the source who wishes to remain anonymous, but seemed to be fully conscious of what she was doing.

"She wasn't intoxicated to the point that she didn't know what she was doing."

"People are told to do whatever they please on video, from kissing to anything else. The girl freely chose to do what she did."

"This girl just looked for attention and the other girls who had been playing the game left her to it."

"There was a couple of her friends recording her as well."

Shockingly, the witness maintains that the girl returned to the same bar crawl the next night.

"The next day, her and her friends bought tickets to go back."

"That stuff happened all the time before this, but maybe not with as many [sexual acts] in a row as the girl did. The extent to which she had oral sex with that amount of guys was a shock."

"The girls and guys are all as bad as each other over there [in Magaluf]. I've walked into Burger King and seen people having sex in the toilets."

"People think they can let loose out there because they can leave it all behind when they go home."

The witness, who was horrified by the extent of the sex game, said it's an indictment of the "devil-may-care" binge drinking culture at popular holiday spots abroad.

"All you see when you walk around in the mornings is 'walks of shame', left right and centre."

Source: Independent.ie

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