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Magaluf pub crawl organiser refuses to apologise for sex stunt

By Claire Williamson

The organiser of a pub crawl which saw a Northern Ireland teenager perform sex acts on more than 20 men in public has refused to apologise for the stunt.

Following the incident in the notorious holiday resort Majorcan authorities are cracking down on pub crawls.

A police investigation has been launched after the 18-year-old from Co Armagh was filmed performing sex acts on 24 men in a nightclub in Magaluf.

Paul Smith, head of Carnage Events Magaluf, yesterday admitted that he should have been more in control.

But he refused to apologise to the girl's family, telling 5 News: "I've made mistakes, I'm human and I'm here to rectify them and make sure this doesn't happen again, (but) why should I apologise?

"What have I done wrong? I've made mistakes but I wasn't the one who forced her to get to the floor.

"I'm not going to apologise to the family."

Mr Smith said he had been disgusted by the video but denied that people heard encouraging the girl were his reps.

He said: "I feel sorry for the girl but Carnage never forced her to do what she did, as you can see in the video there was no one there holding her or forcing her, nothing like that."

The local mayor, Manuel Onieva, has expressed his "total rejection and anger at the activities carried out in the video and currently on the social media circuit". He said: "I must highlight that with immediate effect a police investigation has commenced and this issue is in the hands of the Town Hall legal services department." Mr Onieva has also passed a new law to control pub crawls.

From July companies holding pub crawls will have to apply for a licence at the Town Hall and pub crawls can not exceed more than 50 people or else organisers will be fined.

Mr Onieva said: "They have to prove their responsibility and show that they have the appropriate civil insurances in place.

"Each pub crawl tour guide will have to wear a specific jacket so local police officers can monitor those operating in the region and identify those that have been approved."

Mr Onieva added that since 2012 the Town Hall's internal tourism organisation Visit Calvià has been working to "change the perception of the region".


Last week a video went viral on the internet of a teenager performing sex acts on 24 men in a nightclub in Magaluf.

The 18-year-old girl from Co Armagh is understood to be from a deeply religious, born-again Christian background.

The teenager has gone to ground since the footage emerged of her performing the sex acts allegedly in exchange for a holiday – although the 'Holiday' turned out to be a €5 drink of the same name.

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