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Magherafelt PSNI seize cocaine from 'Pablo Escofelt'

The PSNI seized cocaine worth an estimated £35,000
The PSNI seized cocaine worth an estimated £35,000

Police officers in Magherafelt have seized £35,000 worth of cocaine from a group they've dubbed 'Pablo Escofelt'.

The seizure took place following searches in the Londonderry town. Three people have been arrested.

A police officer has recounted how the PSNI gave the suspects 'a rude awakening'.

"Lazy morning snoozin in your pit, surrounded by cocaine, dreaming you're Pablo Escofelt," read the PSNI post on Facebook.

"Everything in the dream starts to go a dark shade of green. Then comes that heart sinking moment as you open your eyes and see the entire Mid Ulster District Support Team gathered around your bed smiling back at you.

"You ain't smiling no more. This ain't no dream," they said.

They thanked users of their Facebook page for helping them take the drugs off the streets of Mid Ulster, saying "you send us the info, we'll do the needful".

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