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'Maimed by IRA's Libyan Semtex, then betrayed by British Government'

The Docklands bombing
The Docklands bombing
Neil Tattersall
Inam Bashir
Jane Arbuthnot
Stephen Dodd
Zaoui Berezag

Zaoui Berezag, injured in the 1996 Docklands bombing.

Zaoui was left blind, paralysed and brain-damaged after being injured when an IRA bomb exploded in the Docklands area of London.

The bomb went off as he sat in his car nearby.

His wife Gemma said: "My Zaoui is blind, paralysed, brain-damaged and has no leg. He is very disabled and now he is in nappies.

"My Zaoui and other disabled victims need help so we can provide better care.

"My Zaoui has been let down by the Government. I'm praying that the MPs in the committee will help my poor Zaoui and all those left disabled by Gaddafi IRA Semtex."

Inam Bashir, killed in the 1996 Docklands bombing

Inam (29) was one of two people killed in the Docklands bombing.

His mother Hamida said: "I hold Gaddafi and the IRA equally responsible for the murder of my son Inam and all the other children killed.

"I will not accept or require any financial compensation for the loss of my son but I feel immense sympathy for all those left severely maimed in the UK.

Tony Blair with Gaddafi in Libya in 2007
Tony Blair with Gaddafi in Libya in 2007

"I hope and pray this committee of MPs will honour my son and all those who need help.

"The UK Government sadly disgraced our nation.

"All life is precious and I feel heartbroken that the lives of my son and others have been devalued by the Government."

Neil Tattersall, injured in the 1992 Manchester bombing

Neil was injured when two IRA bombs exploded, wounding 65 people and damaging many buildings.

He has to live off just £50 a week sickness benefit.

He said: "The UK Government should be ashamed of themselves.

"They are expecting the victims, many of whom have been left severely disabled and very ill, to resolve this lack of equality. The US government fought for their IRA victims. Our Government chose to abandon us."

Jane Arbuthnot and Stephen Dodd, Harrods bombing, December 1983

Six people died when an IRA bomb exploded outside Harrods in London a week before Christmas in 1983. The dead included three police officers.

In a submission to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, Charles Arbuthnot, whose sister Jane (22) died, demanded to know why the British Government failed to secure compensation for them.

He wrote in the submission: "An American can get copious amounts of compensation for losing the life of a loved one at the Harrods bombing, so why should the families of the British victims who also lost their lives be excluded?

"It is the direct discrimination that we, as a family, find incredibly unjust."

Susanne Dodd, whose father Inspector Stephen Dodd (34) died from his injuries a week after the Harrods attack, wrote: "I hope... the British Government apologises to the UK victims that they have let down."

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