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Major new BBC drama tells story of 7/7 terror attacks

By David Young

The BBC will tomorrow screen a major drama based on the memoirs of a mother whose daughter was killed in the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London 10 years ago.

Julie Nicholson's daughter Jenny (24) died when suicide bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan blew himself up at Edgware Road tube station.

Adapted by award-winning Irish playwright Frank McGuinness, A Song For Jenny stars Oscar-nominated British actress Emily Watson, who was six months pregnant when Islamic suicide bombers killed 52 people across London.

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph today, the actress speaks of how close she came to the horror of that day.

"I was about to get on the Tube, but just heard on the radio before I went out that something was happening. I just remember that moment when you heard there's been an explosion on a bus, and you knew that this was a deliberate act - a very chilling moment."

Emily (48), who plays Bristol Church of England vicar Julie Nicholson, added: "I came away from (the role) with a most incredibly profound respect for her as a moral human being."

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