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Mammy advises Ireland fan to water down his antics in Bordeaux

An "Irish Mammy" has sent a few words of advice to her son who is in France for the Euros.

Cian Galvin, 25, from Cork, received a text message from his mother whilst having a few beers in The Connemara Irish Pub in Bordeaux.

He was advised to look after his liver and drink plenty of water.

Kay Galvin, 55, told her son: "Cian I hope all works out with the boys. As the saying goes 'what happens in France stays in France'.

"Mum's the word here. Enjoy, mind the liver, drink lots of water!!!!!! Your Irish Mammy."

Mr Galvin said of the text: "It's a typical mammy's response to her son's holiday banter."

Irish fans have begun pouring into wine capital Bordeaux ahead of their side's clash against Belgium on Saturday.


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