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Man accused of abducting son refused bail

A man who allegedly abducted his own son has been remanded in custody amid fears he poses a danger to the public.

The 31-year-old erupted in fury in the dock of Belfast Magistrate's Court on Saturday after District Judge Harry McKibbin refused bail. The judge told the court that despite his protests, "there is clear evidence" the man had two knives in public.

The judge added: "I cannot take a chance with this man."

The accused, who cannot be identified to protect his son, faces charges that he abducted his son, assaulted two shopping centre security guards, threatened to kill one of them, used disorderly behaviour at the Kennedy Centre and possessed two knives at the Falls Road shopping centre on Friday.

The court heard how the allegations arose when the man allegedly kidnapped his son, whose age was not made clear, during a scheduled visit at a Social Services-run contact centre.

He was remanded in custody to appear again on January 27.

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