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Man accused of glassing couple after ex told he was with another woman, court told

Belfast High Court.
Belfast High Court.

A man allegedly glassed a couple after they told his ex-partner he was with another woman, the High Court heard on Friday.

Patrick McKinney, 34, is accused of launching the attack at their home, inflicting what a judge described as "nasty" injuries to their face and head.

McKinney, of Grays Hill in Bangor, Co Down, denies a charge of aggravated burglary with intent to commit grievous bodily harm.

Prosecutors claimed he turned up at the couple's home on Ainsworth Street in Belfast in the early hours of May 25 with a glass.

He allegedly forced it into the woman's face and punched her a number of times.

A Crown lawyer contended that McKinney then used a fragment of the glass to stab the man in the side of the head, as well as punching him repeatedly too.

During a bail application the court was told the accused and alleged victims had been together in the house on good terms earlier that day.

McKinney left with another woman before his former partner arrived and became aware of the situation, it was claimed.

According to prosecution counsel he then returned to carry out the assault.

"It is suspected this occurred because the two injured parties told the applicant's ex-partner he was with another female," she said.

McKinney was arrested later, with police said to have recovered a broken wine glass from his car.

"There appeared to be blood on the glass," counsel added.

In police interviews McKinney accepted he had been friendly with the alleged victims and visited their home a number of times.

However, he claimed the man and woman's injuries were sustained when an incident led to them fighting with each other.

Defence barrister Declan Quinn told the court his client maintains his innocence.

McKinney had been on bail before he was returned to custody for alleged curfew breaches.

He disputes those assertions, however, claiming he was at home when his electricity ran out and interfered with the monitoring system.

Adourning the renewed bail application to obtain more information, Lord Justice Stephens said: "This alleged offence was particularly nasty and caused some very nasty injuries to the individuals.

"These precautions are put in place for very good reason and have to be complied with."

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