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Man accused of ‘primary role’ in Ardoyne violence

Almost 50 PSNI officers were injured during three nights of rioting at a north Belfast flashpoint which cost £750,000 to police, the High Court has heard.

The bill for the public disorder over a contentious Twelfth of July parade in Ardoyne excludes insurance fees for at least 10 vehicles hijacked, a judge was told.

Prosecutors also said that 75 petrol bombs were thrown at police from a 300-strong mob who attacked them with poles, planks of wood and bricks.

A total of 74 baton rounds were fired at the troublemakers, some of whom came from outside the city.

Details were confirmed as bail was refused to one of the accused involved in the street violence.

William Moore (27), of Thorndale Avenue in Belfast, faces a charge of rioting on July 12 at Ardoyne.

A Crown lawyer claimed Moore had a primary role in the disorder, with photographs and video evidence allegedly showing him attacking police.

She said: “He denied it was him on the video footage, saying it was Elvis.”

Moore was arrested in August and is one of only three accused to still be in custody, the court heard.

Paul McAlinden, defending, argued there was no evidence that the accused was a key player in the rioting or threw any petrol bombs.

Moore, originally from the Republic, could be bailed to live with his sister, the barrister contended.

But refusing the application, Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan ruled there was a risk of further offences being committed.

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