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Man accused of threatening to 'blow up' person with imitation firearm

36-year-old Charles Maginn of Benmore Drive in Belfast was granted bail.
36-year-old Charles Maginn of Benmore Drive in Belfast was granted bail.

A father allegedly produced a blank-firing gun and threatened to "blow up" a man who called him a gangster, the High Court has heard.

Prosecutors said 36-year-old Charles Maginn had to be wrestled to the ground following the confrontation at a Belfast hostel where his daughter was staying.

Maginn, of Benmore Drive in the city, faces charges of possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, threats to kill and common assault.

He was granted bail but banned from going near the scene of the alleged incident on University Street.

Crown lawyer Kate McKay claimed Maginn arrived at the hostel on May 21 and grabbed the arm of another man who was there to visit a friend.

The court was told the accused asked him: "What's the craic with you?"

It was claimed that when the man's friend came to the door he told him: "Meet the gangster", in a jovial reference to Maginn.

According to the prosecution Maginn responded with the threat: "I'm going to blow you up."

He then allegedly produced a Glock-style blank pistol, leading to a struggle which left the other two men distressed but uninjured.

When Maginn was arrested the next day he claimed to have found the imitation gun lying in a plastic bag.

He said he had been drinking and had no recollection  of events.

But Mrs McKay described the alleged events as potentially "concerning and sinister".

Defence barrister Sean Devine said Maginn had drank to excess, but is now completely dry.

Mr Devine claimed his client had been agitated due to a previous, unrelated incident at the hostel involving his daughter.

Granting bail, Madam Justice McBride ordered Maginn to abide by a curfew and alcohol ban.

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