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Man acquitted of sex abuse

A Ballyclare man who at one time was convicted of sexually abusing three nieces has been acquitted of all charges.

Although yesterday at Belfast Crown Court 50-year-old Allan McKenzie was found not guilty of the last of 11 charges against him after the Crown offered no evidence, reporting restrictions have been lifted from the case so it can now be revealed that last week, following a two-week hearing, a jury found him not guilty of 10 other sex offences.

McKenzie, from Bellevue Place in the east Antrim town, had been accused of sexually abusing three nieces, including allegations that he had raped two of them, on dates between January 1977 and September 1982.

At the end of his first trial in September 2011, a jury had found him guilty of five charges of indecent assault and two of gross indecency committed against three nieces. But McKenzie was never sentenced and the new trial was ordered by the Court of Appeal who quashed those convictions.

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