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Man allegedly 'stabbed and tried to strangle himself' after confronting ex-wife

A man allegedly stabbed and tried to strangle himself following a confrontation with his ex-wife, the High Court heard today.

Jerome Farrell's former partner locked herself in a bathroom after he plunged a knife into his own hand, prosecutors claimed.

He was then said to have used a limb restraint in an attempt at self-strangulation while in the back of a police van.

Farrell, a 47-year-old supermarket worker from Orritor Street, Cookstown, Co Tyrone, faces charge of common assault, criminal damage, assault on police and resisting arrest.

Refusing bail, a judge described the alleged incident on May 23 as "truly horrific".

Prosecution lawyer Conor Maguire said Farrell is accused of hitting his ex-wife after turning up drunk at her home.

She told police he had gone into the kitchen and came back with a small black-handled knife.

"He then produced the knife and plunged it into his own hand," Mr Maguire said.

At this stage the woman claimed she locked herself in the bathroom for her own safety.

Farrell allegedly became aggressive towards police called to the scene, struggling and kicking out at one officer.

Mr Maguire told the court: "After being placed in the back of a cell van the suspect proceeded to remove a limb restraint and placed this around his neck in what appeared to be an effort to strangle himself."

"He had to be removed and handcuffed in such a way that he couldn't harm himself."

Farrell denies assaulting his ex-wife or having inflicted the knife-wound on himself.

His barrister said he has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since a serious road accident in 2005.

"Quite clearly he accepts he tried to strangle himself, but (says) he did not stab himself in the hand in his ex-wife's house," the lawyer added.

Mr Justice Stephens was told Farrell faces losing his job if he is kept in custody.

But refusing bail, the judge said he could have no confidence the accused would abide by any release conditions.

He added: "The incident that took place on May 23 of this year was, prima facie, truly horrific."

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