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Man and woman found dead in Belfast apartment


Police are investigating how a man and woman died in an apartment in a quiet cul-de-sac in Belfast.

The home where their bodies were found at Ravenhill Road was being treated as a potential crime scene.

Forensic officers were at the scene last night as many residents of Ravenhill Court were left mystified as to why the police had cordoned off the street earlier in the day.

A police car was parked blocking the entrance of the street, only allowing residents access while investigations continued.

At one point police had to deal with an emotional young woman who arrived at the scene, concerned that the dead woman could have been her mother.

However, the PSNI did not give any details of the identities or the ages of the dead man and woman.

It was also not known if they were a couple or related to one another.

However, following the small explosion at St Anne's Square last night, police did later report that they didn't believe the deaths were security-related.

The first sign that something was wrong in the quiet, residential area came when neighbours alerted the police, who attended the property around 2.45 pm.

A PSNI spokesman reported later that: "The scene is currently being preserved while inquiries are carried out."

A spokesman for the Ambulance Service confirmed that a crew had been called by police to attend the Ravenhill Court property, but had not taken any patients away for treatment.

Many residents in Ravenhill Court were unaware as to why the police had cordoned off the area.

They also reported not knowing the identities of the two dead people.

One neighbour, who lives close to where the two bodies were found, said that the area was mainly a professional area and very popular as a place to live in a short-term rental.

"I was out all day and just came back to see the security cordon, but all the police would tell us about it was that we would find out on the news.

"While I know which apartment the people were found, I don't actually know them," she added.

"People move in and out here all the time," said another neighbour.

"It would be very difficult to know who these poor people were, but it's very sad to hear about it."

The woman confirmed that there was no obvious signs of damage to the property from fire, water or gas problems.

South Belfast Assembly Member Alex Maskey said he was shocked to hear of the deaths.

"No matter what the circumstances, it is very tragic that two people have been found dead," said the Sinn Fein representative.

"We wait with anxiety for the full information around this.

"My condolences and sympathies go to the family and friends of those who have died."

Dr John Kyle, a Progressive Unionist Party councillor for the area, said last night "that word on the street did not suggest any paramilitary involvement" in the deaths.

"The community doesn't really know about this incident or the people involved," he said.

"We will just have to wait on the outcome of the police investigation."

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