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Man and woman rescued from house fire

Firefighters have rescued a man and a woman trapped in a house blaze in Belfast.

The pair became trapped in a room on the third floor of the property on Magdala Street, close to Queen's University in the south of the city, when the fire broke out on Saturday night.

Three other people managed to escape the blaze before firefighters arrived. One man received burns to his hand as he attempted to put out the fire which was caused by an unattended chip pan.

NIFRS said that three other occupants had managed to escape from the mid-terrace house shortly before the crews arrived.

"The property did have a smoke alarm system, however, it did not operate and alert the occupants. Thankfully, on this occasion, the fire was discovered by another male who had returned to the property and raised the alarm. He suffered burns to his hand trying to extinguish the blaze," the spokesman added.

The British Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Service also attended the incident to support the occupants and assist with rehousing.

Fire service group commander Alan O'Neill said: "Of those who were rescued there was some slight smoke inhalation and the individual who had gone back into the property - who had identified that a fire had occurred - had some slight burns to his hands

"He was able to get back out of the property and the fire crews were able to get in then and extinguish it."


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