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Man arrested in Portadown was 'elderly gent with medical issues'

A man who was arrested for inappropriately touching himself in High Street Mall in Portadown was an 'elderly gent with medical issues'.

Police made the arrest on Tuesday after being made aware of a series of incidents.

A school child reported the man to their parents who brought the information to the PSNI.

The man was arrested for outraging public decency and taken into custody.

A spokesperson for PSNI Craigavon said: "A school child had reported this to their parents who did absolutely the right thing in bringing the information to us directly.

"We were then able to put something in place and, working with the very astute High Street Mall security, were on hand just an hour ago to make an arrest for outraging public decency. The male is now in custody.

"If you have concerns about any behaviour, particularly around your child, bring that information to us. Done the right way, evidence can be gathered and arrests quickly made."

On Thursday afternoon PSNI Craigavon posted additional information about the arrest to their Facebook page, and clarified that the man in the case is elderly, and and suffered "with more medical issues than anything else".

A spokesperson said: "Whilst we will follow up with the original reporting child in this case, our NHS colleagues have taken over with the elderly male and will now ensure that care and supervision is in place.

"We won't be going into details on the specifics of either party, but I hope those who follow the page will take me at my word when I say that this is a truly sad case, with no winner, no victory, but now 2 people who need help and support.

"This is a prime example of why investigations, especially sensitive ones, need to be done in a certain way. What may on the face of it appear to everyone to be one thing can very quickly become something else."

Anyone with information about this incident can contact the PSNI non-emergency number 101, quoting the incident number 891 with the date 14/02/2018.

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