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Man badly beaten in racist attack in west Belfast

By Joanne Sweeney

A Sinn Fein MP has condemned as appalling a racist attack on a man in a mainly republican area of west Belfast.

Two men aged 32 and 25 were in police custody last night after being arrested in connection with the assault of the man in the Sliabh Dubh area of Ballymurphy.

Paul Maskey, the MP for the area, said that the victim was making his way to work when a group of around 10 people started to make racist comments before several of them began to beat him.

"The alarm was raised by the local community who went to his aid and the man was later taken to hospital by councillor Steven Corr who, along with members of the community, assisted police with their investigation.

"We are glad that since then two men have been arrested.

"The community and I are absolutely shocked and disgusted that this has happened, where a man has been beaten and victimised for nothing more than the colour of his skin."

Mr Maskey said that the assault happened at around 8pm and the man was known to have lived in the area for some time and was accepted by the community.

He was uncertain what injuries the man had sustained in the attack but said that while he was understandably shocked and shaken by what happened, he did not think the injuries were life threatening.

He added: "The city has hosted two weekend anti-racism events after the recent racist attacks and to think that it happened in our community is just appalling.

"On behalf of the community, I would like to make it clear that racism will not be tolerated in west Belfast."

Two Pakistani men fled their home after they were assaulted last week in the Tigers Bay area of north Belfast.

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