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Man behind foul-mouthed tirade at school sports day breached court probation

By Staff Reporter

A man who had received probation and community service after shouting abuse and making reference to Jimmy Savile during a school sports day has been given a suspended jail term for breaching the court order.

Gary Mairs previously admitted three charges arising out of an incident at St Louis Grammar School in Ballymena on June 1 last year.

He had claimed a drone being used to film the event made him feel paranoid at his adjacent home.

Mairs (41), of Carndale Meadows, Ballymena, had pleaded guilty to two charges of being disorderly - one at Carndale Meadows and the other at St Colmcille's PS, which shares the site with St Louis - and also a charge of assault.

A prosecutor told a previous court hearing the case was "aggravated by hostility" and that Mairs shouted abuse at staff during a sports day including comments about "paedophiles", "perverts" and "Jimmy Savile".

He entered the school grounds and continued to be disorderly while shouting obscenities.

At court last year defence barrister Stephen Law said alcohol was a factor and the incident was "sparked by the flying of a drone" filming the sports day.

Last year at Ballymena Magistrates Court, District Judge Des Perry said Mairs' behaviour was "appalling" and "disgraceful".

At that court he imposed an eight-month jail term suspended for two years, put him on probation for a year and ordered 80 hours of community service.

On Thursday Mairs was back in the same court and pleaded guilty to breaching the court order from last September, which had required him to keep in touch with a probation officer.

On two dates last year and two this year he failed to contact probation authorities.

Meanwhile, Mairs has also been banned from the road for three years and fined £200 after he was caught driving with excess alcohol just yards from Ballymena PSNI station on July 7 this year.

He was also unlicensed and uninsured to drive.

At Thursday's court Mr Law said his client had struggled with alcohol and because of that was unable to do his community service but had now "grasped the root of his offending".

As he imposed a four-month jail term, suspended for three years, Deputy District Judge Peter Magill told Mairs: "Some people shouldn't drink, some people cannot handle it."

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