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Man charged after bottle of Buckfast hurled at police car in Craigavon


A man has been charged after throwing a bottle of Buckfast at a police car in Craigavon.

The incident happened in the town at Monday lunchtime.

Police were dealing with a report of anti-social behaviour when the incident happened.

Writing on the PSNI Craigavon Facebook page, a police spokesperson said: "Throwing a bottle of Bucky at a police car when we're responding to deal with a report of anti social behavior isn't a great idea. Some would argue it's also a waste...

"Managing to throw a bottle of Bucky and have it not even smash...that's a party piece!

"Trick shot or not, it's disorderly behaviour and attempted criminal damage."

One man was charted to court for disorderly behaviour and attempted criminal damage while others were moved on from the area.

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