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Man charged with doctor attack banned from two other Northern Ireland hospitals


Conor Rodgers is charged with assaulting a doctor

Conor Rodgers is charged with assaulting a doctor

Conor Rodgers is charged with assaulting a doctor

A man arrested in Altnagelvin Hospital for allegedly assaulting a doctor had already been banned from hospitals in Omagh and Enniskillen for disruptive and violent behaviour towards medical staff, a court has heard.

A police officer told the magistrates court in Derry yesterday that 48-year-old Conor Rodgers from Camowen Terrace in Omagh, behaved in such a violent and disruptive manner in hospitals that he was on the NHS's Violent Patients List.

The defendant was arrested in Altnagelvin Hospital on Tuesday after medical staff reported to the police that he had assaulted a doctor by grabbing him by the neck and pulling off his identification badge and lanyard.

The police witness said before the defendant arrived at Altnagelvin, he had made several abusive phone calls to accident and emergency staff on duty.

When he arrived, two nurses and a doctor attempted to treat him but the defendant, who was sober, verbally abused them.

He demanded to see "a real doctor" and shouted at the doctor who was trying to treat him that he was "an a****** and a p*****".

The doctor ordered the defendant to leave the hospital because of his abusive behaviour but the defendant refused and instead went to the reception area where he verbally abused other staff members.

The doctor followed him to the reception area where the defendant allegedly assaulted him.

The police witness said the defendant has two similar hospital disorderly cases pending, one in Omagh and the other in Enniskillen. He was released on bail earlier this month and as part of his bail conditions he's banned from entering both hospitals.

The officer said because of the defendant's atrocious behaviour in Altnagelvin and because of similar incidents in two others, he believed the defendant would re-offend in a hospital setting if granted bail.

A defence barrister described the defendant's behaviour in the hospitals as "outrageous and bizarre" and said if granted bail the defendant could be banned from all hospitals unless in an emergency situation.

Deputy District Judge Des Perry said the defendant's offending seemed to be exclusively in hospitals.

"He has been banned from two hospitals and he then chooses to go to a third hospital. He poses a threat to medical professionals and to the smooth and proper running of the hospital system. Because of the risk of him re-offending bail is refused and he is remanded in custody", Mr Perry said.

The defendant will appear in court again for a video link hearing on February 15.

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