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Man charged with wounding brother is bailed

A man who was charged with wounding his brother with intent to commit grievous bodily harm has been released on bail on condition that he does not go within 50 metres of his brother or his father.

Stephen Donaghy (40) whose address was given as Main Street in Dungiven was charged with wounding his brother and possessing a knife with intent on May 12.

The court heard that Donaghy had been granted bail if a suitable address could be found but none had been.

Defence solicitor Paddy McDaid said that there was now an address within Dungiven where Donaghy could reside.

A police officer told the court that police did not find this address suitable as it was close to his brother's home and they feared there could be another incident.

The officer said that |the original incident which |took place was a "serious |domestic incident" and that, while the alleged injured |party had made a withdrawal statement, Donaghy had admitted to being involved in the attack.

Mr McDaid said that it was an incident between two brothers and there were no independent witnesses.

Mr McDaid said that his client's problem was that he had no connections outside of Dungiven.

District Judge Barney McElholm said he would take a chance and released Donaghy to the new address.

He said that he was not to go within 50 metres of his brother's or his father's houses, he was not to consume alcohol and observe a curfew.

Donaghy will appear again on September 6.

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