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Man denies gay fantasy about alleged abuser

A man who claims he was sexually abused by an ex-priest denied having a “gay fantasy” about the defendant.

Under cross-examination at the Belfast Crown Court trial of James Martin Donaghy (53), yesterday, it was suggested to James Doherty that his story was a “gay fantasy based upon your infatuation with him”.

Defence QC Eugene Grant further suggested that he had accused Donaghy of abusing him because “he had no interest in you”.

Mr Doherty said, “that's incorrect” adding that while he was indeed hurt, “it's because of what he did to me”.

Donaghy, from Lady Wallace Drive in Lisburn, denies 26 charges involving the alleged sex abuse and indecent assault of three males between June 1983 and December 2000, including Fr Patrick McCafferty, Mr Doherty and a trainee priest.

Mr Grant suggested to Mr Doherty his affections had been “unrequited,” that he was “desperate” and that his evidence “is a lie isn't it?”.

Mr Doherty refuted each suggestion, saying: “Not at all”.

The trial continues.

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