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Man dies after falling from his boat into Carrick Marina

By Chris McCullough

A man whose body was dragged from Carrickfergus Marina was living on his boat, which was berthed there.

It is thought the man was in his 60s and fell into the water after having some drinks on board his boat with a friend.

It has been suggested the deceased suffered a coronary before falling in.

His friend managed to throw him a lifebelt but the man was already dead in the water.

His body was recovered in the early hours of yesterday after police and other emergency services attended.

Mid and East Antrim independent councillor Jim Brown, who is chairman of the Carrickfergus Area Maritime Board, was alerted to the tragedy at 4am yesterday via a text message.

He said it was the first such death in Carrickfergus Marina.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: "It's a sad day for Carrickfergus and the marina as this is the first ever fatality in the marina since it opened 30 years ago.

"The man was a lifetime berth holder in the marina and was one of a number of people who live on their boats there.

"He was having a few social drinks on board the vessel with a friend and is thought to have suffered a heart attack before falling into the water.

"His friend threw him a lifebelt but it was too late as he was already dead."

The marina has recently undergone a dredging programme to clear silt from a sand bank created by the tide, resulting in there being more water in it.

"The dredging and resulting extra water in the marina played no part in this fatality," added Mr Brown.

Police are working to establish the circumstances surrounding the death, however they are not treating it as suspicious.

Sergeant Brian Caskey said: "A post-mortem examination will be carried out to determine the cause of death, which is not being treated as suspicious at this time."

Carrickfergus Marina sits 200m west of Carrickfergus Harbour and was opened in 1985.

It provides 300 berths, is professionally supervised and offers individual access to water and electricity.

Fuel services are at hand and the complex also provides lifting equipment.

The marina is located in a hub of activity close to a modern complex accommodating restaurants.

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