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Man discovered his shot ex-wife Marion Millican in a pool of blood

By Michael Donnelly

The estranged husband of launderette murder victim Marion Millican has told a jury of the moment he cradled her in his arms to see if she was still alive as she lay in a pool of blood.

Kenneth Millican was giving evidence at the trial of self-confessed killer Fred McClenaghan who is on trial at Belfast Crown Court for the murder of the mother-of-four at her place of work in Portstewart, Co Londonderry, on March 11 last year.

McClenaghan (52), of Broad Street, Magherafelt, denies murdering the 51-year-old but has pleaded guilty to her manslaughter, saying he accidentally shot her.

Mr Millican told the jury that his ex-wife had dropped him off in Coleraine around 8am on the morning of the shooting.

He said that he got a phone call around 1.30pm that day from Pamela Henry, who worked with Mrs Millican in the launderette

Mr Millican said he jumped into his car and followed closely behind a police car with its blue lights and sirens on as it travelled at speed to Portstewart.

"When I went into the launderette I could see Marion lying on her right side. My first thought was that she was just unconscious. I tried to find a pulse but I couldn't feel one.

"I was down on my knees right beside her head. I put her head in my arms and brought her lips up to my cheek to see if I could feel her breathing but I couldn't feel her breath on my cheek.

"I then felt my arm was warm and I didn't know what it was. I looked down and saw it was blood but I couldn't see where it was coming from.

"I pulled up Marion's top to her stomach but I couldn't see any blood. I then pulled it up to her bra line and saw a mass of blood. I realised then that she had been shot. It was apparent to me she was dead.'' The trial continues.

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