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Man fined for refusal to bulldoze his house

A man has been fined £1,500 for refusing to knock down a £95,000 house that was built without planning permission.

Gerard Rasdale appeared at Fermanagh Magistrate's Court and pleaded guilty to failing to comply with an Enforcement Notice that required him to demolish the house he had built at Mullanshellistragh on the Belcoo to Garrison road.

He was told that if he had contested the case and been convicted of the offence the fine would have been £5,000.

He was granted bail of £1,000 to appeal against the fine.

The Enforcement Notice remains, so he still has to demolish the house or face further legal proceedings and a maximum fine of £30,000.

The one-and-a-half storey dwelling at the centre of the case overlooks Upper Lough MacNean and was built without planning permission.

There was planning permission for a house in the area, but at a different location.

The District Judge said that he fined Rasdale £1,500 to “show the seriousness of the charge”.

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