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Man gets new tag after old one broke in bath sex romp

By Nevin Farrell

A man jailed for damaging an electronic monitoring tag on his ankle after it got caught on a tap while he was having sex in a bath, has been released on fresh bail - with electronic monitoring.

Anthony Craig (23), of Barra Street, Antrim, contacted G4S, who monitor the tags, in November to say he had accidentally damaged the device.

He previously pleaded guilty to damaging the tag which had been fitted as part of bail conditions, and a prosecutor told the earlier court sitting that Craig said he was "having sex in the bath when the tag got caught around a tap" causing it to come off and break into small pieces.

His defence barrister told the court the incident happened in the defendant's girlfriend's house, and said it was not the sort of excuse someone was likely to make up. "Unfortunately it was true and is fairly embarrassing," the lawyer commented.

Craig, who has appeared at Ballymena Magistrate's Court via video link from prison, faces charges relating to an alleged serious incident at a neighbour's house. He is charged with making threats to kill and threats to damage the neighbour's flat on Sunday, October 16.

The Antrim man is also alleged to have entered the property with intent to do damage with a weapon, and causing damage to a TV, windows, hi-fi and other household items. He is further charged with stealing a TV.

During the bail application, Ballymena Court heard a man hid in the roofspace of his house in Barra Street as Craig, from a flat below, allegedly wrecked the property and threatened to "take him to Tardree (Forest) and do him in".

A police officer said that at 2.25am on October 16, the PSNI received several 999 calls about an ongoing disturbance at Barra Street after a male could be heard shouting for help. Officers attended and entered flats, and found a distressed resident hiding in a roofspace.

Windows were broken and there were signs of a disturbance. The householder told police he had been in bed and was woken by somebody trying to smash panes in his front door, and he was so frightened he hid in the loft.

Through a crack, he said he saw Craig, who he had known for a few months, holding an iron bar and shouting "where are you?" The man told police the accused was going from room to room, wrecking the flat. The officer said the man told them that Craig said he would "take him to Tardree and do him in", and also threatened to burn the house so he would not get out alive.

Police saw Craig, drunk in his own flat, and a crowbar was found in a back garden.

Defence barrister Andrew Moriarty said Craig's girlfriend was present in the court.

Craig was released on bail of £750, with a similar surety from his mother, to live at her house at Shankbridge near Kells with conditions which include not entering Antrim except for court appearances and a night-time curfew with electronic monitoring. The case was adjourned to Antrim Magistrate's Court later this month.

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