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Man had pistol in car, court told

Police uncovered a pistol and bullets after they stopped a speeding car, a jury has heard.

Opening the case against Edward McKay (45) and James Taggart (30), prosecutor Peter Magill said when officers searched Taggart's car on Kennedy Way, they uncovered a revolver wrapped in a newspaper inside a bin bag at McKay's feet in the passenger footwell.

He told the Belfast Crown Court jury that that when officers searched McKay, they found six bullets in a speed loader clip in his trouser pocket.

McKay, from Shaw's Court, and Taggart, from Glenpark Street, both in Belfast, deny possessing the hangdun and ammunition on November 7, 2009, under suspicious circumstances.

When arrested and interviewed, McKay refused to answer police questions but Taggart claimed he knew nothing of the gun or ammunition and was just giving McKay a lift home.

However, Mr Magill told the jury that when forensically examined, McKay's prints and DNA were uncovered on the bag containing the gun.

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