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Man head-butted ex-partner after reading Facebook messages, court told

Belfast High Court.

A man allegedly head-butted his ex-partner, inflicting injuries with an eyebrow stud, after examining her Facebook messages, the High Court has heard.

Stephen McKinley, 28, is also accused of putting his head through the woman's bedroom door and keeping her there for up to three hours.

McKinley, of Seaview Street in Belfast, denies charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, false imprisonment and criminal damage.

Prosecutors claimed he launched the attack after arriving at the woman's house in Newtownabbey in the early hours of November 5.

He allegedly went upstairs, took her phone and checked the messages.

A Crown lawyer said: "He saw conversations with a male friend, got angry, ran to the bedroom door and head-butted it, causing a hole right through the door."

McKinley then turned round and head-butted the woman as she sat on the bed, it was claimed.

A stud in his eyebrow left her injured and bleeding, according to the prosecution.

Mr Justice Horner was told McKinley prevented the woman leaving the room while he continued looking through her phone.

When he eventually left three hours later she phoned for help.

"She was physically sick four times going to hospital, and was going in and out of consciousness," the Crown lawyer added.

The woman also sustained concussion and swelling to both eyes.

During police interviews McKinley denied causing the injuries to his former partner of 13 years.

He claimed that he wanted to check her phone to see if she had cheated on him.

According to his account he started to cry and was then forced towards the door, causing his head to go right through it.

Any cuts to the woman were due to him having his head pulled back towards her, he said.

McKinley was granted bail on condition that he has no contact with the woman and abides by a curfew.

Mr Justice Horner also banned him from going outside Belfast.

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