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Man is fined for resisting arrest

A Londonderry man has been fined a total of £800 after admitting charges of disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest.

Mark McCallion (30), from Glenowen Park, appeared at the city’s Magistrates Court yesterday to face charges arising from an incident on September 5.

The court heard that police were called to the Fountain estate after reports of a group of men shouting sectarian slogans.

On arrival, they found a group of men which included McCallion. Yesterday’s hearing was told that the Derry man became abusive when officers spoke to him and tried to search him. Police warned McCallion but he then pushed an officer on the chest. He was arrested and a “prolonged” struggle ensued before McCallion was subdued by the threat of CS spray.

The court was told McCallion had never been before the court previously and had been drinking on the night in question. He was fined a total of £600 and ordered to pay £200 in compensation.

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