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Man is held after body of woman discovered in her home

The PSNI were last night treating the death of a woman whose body was found at her home in Londonderry as “suspicious”.

The body of the woman, who has been named locally |as Paula Carlin, was found at |her Clonmeen Drive address |in the Strathfoyle area early |yesterday morning.

The exact circumstances surrounding the death of the mother-of-two are still unclear and police are awaiting the findings of a post-mortem.

Police were last night questioning a 21-year-old man who was |arrested in connection with |the death.

Residents of the quiet estate on the outskirts of the Waterside were in shock last night at the news of Ms Carlin's sudden death.

One of her neighbours, who |has lived close to the dead woman for some time, said she was “shocked and saddened” when she heard that Ms Carlin had died and that police were treating her death as suspicious.

She said: “Paula was a quiet woman in her late 40s, we have been neighbours all her life.

“She was a vulnerable woman who had her own bothers, but she was very kindly.

“This will be such a blow for |her poor mother who lives next door to her and this is not the first tragedy like this she has |had to face.

“No mother should have to bury her child and this is the second time she will have to do that.

“The police had the house cordoned off this morning, but at lunchtime the whole street was cordoned and you just don't expect to see things like that in Strathfoyle, it's just awful.”

Local councillor for the |area, Jim McKeever, said Ms |Carlin’s death had stunned the whole community.

He added: “This was a tragic thing to have happened and I offer my condolences to this lady's family. This has been a dreadful shock for all the residents of Strathfoyle and the entire community is stunned.”

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