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Man jailed for attack on his brother

A man has been jailed for assaulting his brother with a claw hammer — causing him to lose the sight of one eye.

John Francis Devine (51) appeared at the city’s Crown Court yesterday to be sentenced for the assault carried out on November 19, 2010.

The court heard that Devine, of Spencer Road in Londonderry, was the primary carer for his mother and on the day in question his brother had come over to allow Devine to get a haircut.

After his haircut he phoned his brother to tell him he was going to the pub and stayed there all day.

When he returned his mother had been put to bed and he told his brother to go.

However, his brother was concerned that he was in no condition to look after their mother and he refused.

The phone rang and the brother answered it and as he finished the call he felt a sharp blow on his head as Devine struck him twice with a claw hammer.

The brother managed to escape and his wife phoned the police, as did Devine.

Judge Piers Grant said that the man had suffered serious injuries and lost the sight in his right eye.

He said that the attack had had a “devastating effect” on the victim who had lost his job and was “fearful” for the future.

Judge Grant said that Devine had never given an explanation for the assault on his brother.

Devine was sentenced to five years in prison, two in custody and three on licence.

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