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Man jailed for five months after vicious pub assault

A Londonderry man has been jailed for attacking another man, leaving him with a dozen stitches and three missing teeth.

Dale Dawkin (34), from McGarvey Court, appeared in court yesterday where he admitted to assaulting the victim on February 7 this year.

The court was told that, on that date, staff at the JD Wetherspoon pub in the city contacted police to say that they had found a man in the toilets who had been badly assaulted.

The injured party lost three teeth and required stitches to his lip, eyes and head. He told police that the defendant had been in the toilet with him and had assaulted him by punching and kicking him to the ground.

When police located the defendant, Dawkin alleged it was a case of self-defence. However, when asked by police to produce the clothes he was wearing on the night, he refused.

Defence solicitor Leonie Breslin said that her client accepted that his behaviour was totally unacceptable.

She said that he alleged he had been pushed first but was “regretful and remorseful”.

District Judge Barney McElholm described the attack as “vicious” and highlighted that Dawkin had changed his story on several occasions.

Dawkin was jailed for five months.

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