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Man jailed for sex order breach

A man bound by the terms of a sexual prevention order after being caught with a child in a toilet cubicle has been jailed for three years for “secretly infiltrating” a family-based church group.

Belfast Recorder Judge Tom Burgess told 43-year-old Richard McFarland that given his “flagrant breach”, he will remain on a new Sexual Offence Prevention Order (SOPO) until such time as the court decides.

McFarland, originally from River Court, Dunmurry, admitted eight separate breaches of a SOPO between February 24 and April 2 last year, just weeks after being given a suspended |sentence for other breaches.

At an earlier hearing Belfast Crown Court heard that McFarland had secretly joined the family-based church group after leaving an adults-only group.

Prosecutor Tessa Kitson told the court that McFarland was spotted handing out religious tracts accompanied by a boy of 15.

Upon his release from jail |McFarland will be subjected to two years’ supervision.

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